This project has been replaced by Cytoscape.js, and is no longer active.

Version 1.0.4 (latest)


This minor release fixes a bug that prevented loops (edges that connect a node to itself) from being rendered.

  • 2786: Target/Source cannot be same node for an edge.

Version 1.0.3


This is a maintenance release of Cytoscape Web which fixes a few bugs.

  • 2733: Visual property "compoundTooltipText" does not work.
  • 2754: Some nodes are shown in incorrect position.
  • 2766: Error when importing XGMML files with XLinks.
  • 2782: Child nodes are drawn under edges.

Version 1.0.2


This minor release fixes a couple of bugs.

  • 2703: Node image does not show until mouse hover.
  • 2712: Merged edges' data not updated after a new edge data field is added.

Source Code

The Cytoscape Web source code is now hosted on GitHub.