This project has been replaced by Cytoscape.js, and is no longer active.


This untyped object represents a Data Field, which is a node or edge attribute definition.

A data field object contains the following properties:

  • name: The name of the data attribute.
  • type: The data type of the attribute. One of: "string", "boolean", "number", "int", "object".
  • defValue: An optional default value.


This is an untyped object that represents a Data Schema type.

A data schema is automatically created when a network is loaded into Cytoscape Web, and cannot be created programatically through the API. However you can use the org.cytoscapeweb.Visualization :: addDataField and org.cytoscapeweb.Visualization :: removeDataField methods to change the current schema.

A data schema has two attributes:

  • nodes {Array}
  • edges {Array}

Those are arrays of DataField objects:

var schema = {
    nodes: [
        { name: "id",    type: "string" },
        { name: "label", type: "string" }
    edges: [
        { name: "id",     type: "string" },
        { name: "weight", type: "number", defValue: 0.5 }